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Product Features

Safe and Soothing Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Our patented GentleJet™ and Hydro-Jet™ systems provides therapeutic relief by featuring 16 bubble streams and 10 water jets for a soothing massage of your legs, feet and back... or legs and feet only. The door is designed for arthritics as well, with our ergonomic No-Strength™ locking handle.

Safe Step Walk-In tubs represent independence for those who value self-sufficiency and for those disabled with limited mobility. The Safe Step Walk-In Tub has more features than rival competitive tubs – at a much lower price. Our Walk-in Tubs have many distinct advantages over our competitors, including:

  • Additional Standard & Non-Standard Features
  • Professional Installation
  • Therapeutic Advantages
  • Before & After Photos of our Safety Tubs & Additional Features
  • Installation is included in the package

    The Safe Step Walk-In Tub tub is designed to easily fit your existing tub space without full remodeling or further installation expense. We provide efficient and professional installation resulting in a beautiful finished product.

    Built for Safety and Durability

    In addition to our many walk-in tub features, we also provide a host of durability and safety features, including:

  • 100% Solid Surface Composite –easy to clean, keeps water warmer longer
  • Solid Steel Frame - six support-leveling legs for rock-solid support, longer life and complete water drainage
  • 100% Aluminum Frame for rock-solid support and longer life
  • 38" high x 53" long x 28" wide - a much more comfortable bathing area than the competitions' standard models
  • In-Line Heater - keeps water temperatures constant
  • Less than 4 inch step up lessens risk of stumbling and slipping
  • Lifetime warranty on double-sealed door as well as tub
  • No-Strength™ locking handle for easy entry and exit
  • Door opens inward and mounts left or right for more installation options
  • Anti-slip floor, anti-slip seat and safety grip bar
  • Ozone Sanitizer - safe and effective sanitation system that destroys disease-causing bacteria
  • 17" ADA compliant seat as well as faucets
  • All these features and more, standard at 30-40% less than the competition.

    Please contact Safe Step Walk-In Tubs to learn more about our many walk-in tub features, and to schedule your free in-home project estimate and consultation!