Customer Testimonials

Management: Our Safe-Step tub is now installed in our home. The job was done by Bradford Elliott. You should give him a medal! His patience was unbelievable - the work was the best. Restored, cleaned...everything! I hope he will be with you for years to come.

C.D. Danielson

"I Love It!" That's the three words that best describe my walk in tub. I've got to have total knee replacement in July and this tub does wonders to my knees. It's unbelievable, it's great.
The three guys that installed my safety tub were great. They were professional-like, had good manners, polite, and they treated my tub like it was theirs They took their time, answered my questions, and were very helpful.

The three guys were Fred Jackson, Anthony Logan, and AC Lewis. Their work was of very good quality. Fred Jackson especially was very sincere about this tub. He was careful not to scratch it, and after it was put in, he made sure that it worked properly and had no leaks. They worked hard for at least twelve hours, but a great job.

I would greatly recommend a Safe Step Walk in Rub to anyone who has joint pain, because this tub has brought some ease and comfort to my joints. It has changed my everyday life completely!! Good Job, Safe Step Walk in Company"

Janice Arwood

Several months ago, my brother in law, Mr. Joseph Kato, purchased a Safe Step Walk-in Tub as a gift for me. The tub is a "Regal Independence" 28x53, white in color, with all the options. I have taken several baths in the new tub. It exceeded my expectations by far. The tub gave me a warm, relaxing feeling and helped my arthritis tremendously.

I would like to thank Mr. Paul Flores, Sales, Mr. Mark Heaven Jr. Production Manager, and the three gentlemen who work with the company in installing said tub. They are as follows: a) Mr. Fred Jackson, b) Mr. A.C. Lewis, c) Mr. Nathan Kilgo. The tub is 100% quality and the install crew was courteous and dedicated to their job. To prove their dedication, the guys worked until 1:15am in order to finish the job in one day. This included labor to install a new commode to replace one that I had cracked with my wheelchair. The labor to do this was absolutely free. The job was completed on June 12th, 2010.

I am 73 years of age, and as a Senior Citizen who enjoys both comfort and quality, I would recommend this tub to the young and old alike.

Sincerely, Claude McBroom Sr.